• This is a must visit for all Indians to get glimpse of our past richness. The heritage hotel is one of a kind. People are friendly and food is amazing if u r game for South Indian sapad. Must visit the antique market u never know what u might stumble upon – kishan767

  • Truly amazing experience, very neatly restored Palace. Everything about the place is an experience. Service could improve to make it a 100% experience. I loved the Palace…….. Loved the detail restoration of the palace, would love to go back and spend a couple of days, a beautiful place to relax. – mohammedrizwan

  • This is a wonderfully restored Chettinad property. Very beautiful. The service was excellent. The food was very authentic and very good. Clean property. Well worth the bumpy roads and passing garbage strewn villages to get there. Drive around the village to see the dilapidated other mansions. Climb to the top to have a panoramic view. Very unique experience. – IndoCanadian

  • One of the most memorable stays we have had in our holidays. If the mansion was a delight carrying history very easily, the staff Senthil, Manikandan and others provided the other aspect of Chettinad heritage. Which is unbeatable hospitality. An altogether wholesome experience. You don’t need a time machine to go back in ages.. Just check in at this place. – Shrikanth T

  • A great place to be.The mansion is amazing in its structure,painting and wood work.perfect chettinad hospitality.Food is really awesome.Good swimming pool to relax after your sight seeing trips.The staff were very professional and kind enough to fufill your needs.
    Dont miss to visit the Thirumayam Fort,Athangudi hand made tiles and the antique market in Karaikudi. – Sanmathi

  • We were 8 women travellers exploring Chettinad in Tamil Nadu and contributing to our adventurous journey deep into southern India was the wonderful hotel Chidambara Vilas where we spent 5 nights. It is an old Chettiar mansion converted into a hotel with all its elegance of yore intact in its distinctive service,authentic cuisine and traditional ambience. Mr Premchandran and Mr Britto took care of all the conveniences with a personal touch ever ready to offer advice and help. The hotel is situated in a village and a pre reserved vehicle arranged by the hotel enables guests to visit the areas of their choice be it historical temples, antique stores or the weavers’ centres. Of all the meals at Chidambara Vilas the breakfasts were outstanding. Sitting at a table in a courtyard and served piping hot baby vadas, appams and dosas, straight from the fire was indeed a treat. – Mavai