Koppai - Bar

koppai bar


Koppai traditionally meaning ‘wine goblet’ in the local language is the newly opened heritage bar at the Chidambara Vilas. Just like the historically relevant Kalyana Kottagai that used to be a marriage hall or an opulent courtyard for ceremonies; the Koppai was once a Pantry for the “Pandhi Kattu” or dining hall meant for grand ceremonies or weddings.

Recreating the vintage bar experience

A vintage bar experience to set the tone of your evening is what you will find at Koppai. The decor of Koppai is of a heritage theme complete with vintage lighting, classic ambience and ornate seating that opens out to the poolside. The interior section seats 11 comfortably and an adjacent foyer has a seating capacity of 20. A separate area has been provided for smoking.

The Menu

Koppai has the right setting to enjoy a drink and have a regal time with friends or business associates. The bar serves an array of Beer, Hard Liquor, Wines, Soft Beverages, Signature cocktails and specially crafted Mocktails. The bar nibbles at Koppai that will keep conversations going will include Chettinad delicacies and can be subtly customized to guest’s preferences. Multiple servings of royal moments that will help you to wind down awaits you at the Koppai.