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Mugappu and Paadasalai- Reception and lobby area

As you enter the house, you will be led to the Mugappu which is the reception area at the threshold of the entry to Chidambara Vilas.

Opulent reception

The lobby and reception were decorated opulently to greet and impress the visitors. The main door to the house is situated here and displays intricate carvings of Gods and Goddesses, in mythical contexts and situations.

Entry to the house

The carvings on the door are as sacred as the carvings used in temples. As the doors open you have a view that runs through the various courtyards that line the entire length of the house.

Luxurious materials

The Paadasalai towards the sides of this area showcase Belgium glass decorations, Italian tiles, Victorian furniture and chandeliers. Typically these rooms were used to conduct business and entertain visitors, while entry to the rest of the house was restricted to family.

Striking visual elements

A key element of this area is the Kallupetti which is the accountant’s desk. The origin of this desk hails back to the days when the Chettiars were running finance and banking operations in the last century. A striking element that catches your eye is the numerous pillars which are done up in materials like wood, granite and terracotta and decorated by ornate woodwork. The pillars are designed to convey strength, power and opulence.