The Events Hall – “Bomma Kottagai”

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Bomma Kottagai

Bomma Kottagai literally translates into Doll house, and this is reflected in the intricate carvings and installations of dolls in this hall.

The “Golu” Festival/h6>

The use of the hall hails back to the Chettiar tradition of inviting neighbours and relatives to pooja and lunch during the time of the festival “Golu”. During this festival several intricate dolls were displayed to the visitors in the hall and this tradition has translated into the use of dolls in decorating the hall. Golu is also called Dussehra and comes just before Diwali(the famous Indian festival of lights). During this time the whole house is lit up with traditional ornamental lamps to receive visitors and the pooja is conducted in this hall.

Intricate details/h6>

The Bomma Kottagai at Chidambara vilas is one of the best preserved and unique examples among Chettinad mansions. The level of details in the halls ranged according to the tastes and abilities of the owners of the mansion.

Exclusive 3D art at Chidambara Vilas

The artwork stands out in terms of the execution and innovative features like three dimensional carvings which meant that each doll was created in its entirety and not just the visible frontage.

Artwork at Chidambara Vilas

The Bomma Kottagai at Chidambara Vilas has many artistic elements which make it stand out. This includes 15 paintings, each conveying a different visual. Some examples of the paintings include the Yali, which represents 5 animals using their prominent features, another one with which features a lady playing the Veena (an ancient Indian stringed musical instrument), the image of a person worshipping a tiger skin and pictures of dancing ladies of the time wearing traditional costumes. There is a unique image of a monkey with 4 bodies and one head which is done in a three dimensional format. The hall also features the symbol of TSK (Krishnappa Chettiar) who built the house. The intricate symbol features an eagle sitting on top of the head of a snake, a horse and a lion. Designed more than a century ago, the logo was meant to represent speed and bravery. The hall also features an image of the King of Pudukkottai who was a great friend of Krishnappa Chettiar. Other images feature Yoga asanas and scenes from the Hindu epics.