Why Should You Stay at a Heritage Hotel?

heritage hotel rooms - chidambara vilas

There is something very magical and appealing about the bygone eras when kings and kingdoms ruled the world. And there is a hidden streak in most people that romanticizes the nobility and their lifestyles; and given half a chance, everyone would love an opportunity to spend some quality time within these luxurious royal abodes.

Luckily, there are many mansions, forts and palaces that have been renovated and turned into heritage hotels in India. Post-independence and abolition of privy purses, it became difficult for most royal families to maintain their opulent residences. Many of these heritage homes were left unattended and started to fall into disrepair.

This was till the concept of heritage hotels came up. While some of these royal homes were sold off to major hotel chains, others were leased out to be used as hotels. The regal feel of these palatial properties is still being maintained by keeping the traditional décor, artifacts and hospitality intact, giving the traveler an authentic experience.

What Makes a Heritage Hotel?

These are the original homes of royalty, built centuries ago and still hold historical and cultural value. The façade and architectural features of these grand homes are maintained along with the expansive courtyards, spacious rooms, ornate balconies, dedicated services and sumptuous local cuisine. Every attempt is made to recreate the original ambience and give the guests an unforgettable experience in heritage hotels.

The Experience

With rising incomes, more people are ready to spend on unmatched experiences offered by heritage hotels. India offers a number of heritage hotels, with each one being unique to its locality and culture. They offer warm, impeccable hospitality amid an authentic royal setting that opens up an unforgettable window into the lives of people from a bygone era.

The Chidambara Vilas Heritage Hotel is a renovated palace and perfect for those who want to experience the grand lifestyle of the rich Chettiars of Tamil Nadu. Relish the famous Chettinad cuisine in an opulent setting and enjoy true hospitality! All this while you explore the enchanting Chettinad area with its numerous unique attractions.

Getting to the hotel is very easy as the Karaikudi region is well-connected by highways and railways, with the closest airport being located in neighboring Trichy.