Things To Do on a Weekend in Kanadukathan

There’s plenty to see and do for those who chose to ignore the hot spells that seem to dominate the climate in Sivagangai district. You can either choose to be mesmerized by the splendor and grandeur of the Chettinad Palace or embark on a pilgrimage to the many temples that dot the town. And if you like to get a taste of rural Tamil Nadu visit the many villages in and around Kanadukathan. Die hard foodies can sample scrumptious Chettinad food prepared by the locals.

But before you choose to do all of the above, make sure you choose one of the many best hotels in Kanadukathan. The many family mansions of yore have now been refurbished and transformed into heritage resorts. Converting them into hotels has helped to preserve the history and architecture of these ancestral homes.

Chidambara Vilas is one such hotel that was recently renovated by the Sangam Group of Hotels. The mansion that houses the hotel was once owned by T. Krishnappa Chettiyar who spared no effort in building it.

Things To See In Kanadukathan

Visit the Chettinadu Palace This palace was built by Dr. Annamalai Chettiyar. He was a founder of Indian Bank and Annamalai University. The construction materials and items used for the furnishing of this palace were imported from many South East Asian countries and Europe. The Palace is a regular feature in many Tamil movies- the most notable among them being Kandukonden Kandukonden.

Visit Athangudi: This is one of the many villages that are a part of Chettinadu and is popular for the handmade terracotta tiles. The texture and patterns used in these tiles are unique, vivid, and reflective of local tastes.

Visit one of the many Antique Shops in Karaikudi: The quaint bylanes of Karaikudi are home to some of the most precious and priceless collectibles. Most of these were imported by the rich Chettiyars and are now being sold in the local market. Old brassware, Burmese lacquer ware, handcrafted porcelain, intricately carved doors, and other artifacts are some of the many things that are on sale.

Things To Do in Kanadukathan

Join cookery classes to learn Chettinadu cuisine: Hotel staff at Chidambara Vilas can arrange for a cookery class to help to learn Chettinad cuisine.

Embark on a guided tour of the place: The Chidambara Vilas hotel itself is a shining example of heritage Chettinad luxury. Every room in the hotel is restored to the tiniest detail and adorned with priceless artifacts imported from Burma, Malaya and Singapore. A local guide engaged by the hotel can help you explore the place.

Visit the local village: The hotel is located at Kadiapatti- a rural setting very close to Pudukkottai town. You can always engage a staff at Chidambara Vilas to take you on a visit to the village.