Government Museum in Pudukkottai

Pudukkottai is a scenic town located on the banks of the Vallaru River in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. It has a history going back to the pre-historic days when the ancient man was believed to have had a settlement here. The region also has a culturally-rich heritage as it was ruled at different times by ancient dynasties including the Early Pandyas, the Thondaimans as well as the British.

This large town is a haven for tourists and history buffs alike as it is richly endowed with many places of significance. There are a number of ancient palaces, fortresses, and tanks built by the ancient kingdoms, and which are still in great condition and a delight to explore. Other than these, there are numerous ancient Hindu temples which are masterpieces of intricate artworks, sculptures, and wall murals and should be on your must-visit list. For a change in flavour, the Viralimalai peacock sanctuary makes an interesting visit.

One of the most interesting tourist attractions here, however, is the Government Museum which was built in 1910 AD. It is home to a collection of incredible antique artifacts related to history, geology, archaeology, anthropology, epigraphy, zoology, etc. It has a total of 18 galleries which are a treasure trove for tourists, historians and children alike. The numismatic gallery offers you a view of collections of ancient coins while the ethnology section showcases a fine collection of ancient musical instruments, arms and armoury. The archaeological gallery offers insights on historical artifacts and relics and features a number of beautiful stone and bronze sculptures too.

There are some well-preserved ancient paintings here that depict the glorious lifestyles of the royalty and bygone eras. There is even a reference library for those who want more insight into the history of the displays and the area in general. Aside from the tourists and history buffs, there is something here to enthrall the kids too. There are a number of stuffed wild animals along with the huge jaw skeleton of a whale as well as a life-like effigy of a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur. Aside from all this, the structure of the museum itself is of interest; it is an interesting mix of Indian and British architecture and a throwback to the colonial days.

Getting to Pudukkottai is easy as it has a railway station and is just 45km away from Trichy airport. One of the good hotels to stay in here includes the luxurious Chidambara Vilas heritage hotel, a 108-year-old palace, your gateway to the unique culture and traditions of the Chettinad region.