Aayiram Jannal Veedu

Flaunting scintillating cultural heritage, Karaikudi is one of the most attractive and mesmerizing tourist spots in Tamil Nadu. Unlike most tourist locations blessed with abundant natural beauty, Karaikudi is on the other side of the spectrum which unfurls the Arcadian buildings, unmistakable heritage and the implicit affinity towards art, architecture and crafts. Karaikudi is an abounding place with several with staggering and one-of-a-kind structures. One of such extraordinary houses is the ‘Aayiram Jannal Veedu’ which translates to ‘house of thousand windows’ in Tamil.

As the name of the mansion would give it away for you, the house has a thousand windows making it one of the most astounding structures with such grand architectural intricacies and attention to details.

As you would come to know, Aayiram Jannal Veedu is one of the most prominent, sought after and often-visited tourist spot in Karaikudi. And visitors, who do not know about this spot, must not miss visiting this magnificent building while in Karaikudi or in any other villages in Chettinad. Anyone in Karaikudi would direct you to the structure.

Built-in 1941 by the famous Nattukottai Chettiars, the house is a great testimonial for the inclination of the Chettiars towards architectural brilliance and art. The house has 25 large rooms along with 5 incredibly large halls. The architectural styles of the house are very distinct and diverse from what you would expect from a house in such a country setting.

Aayiram Jannal Veedu is perhaps the best example of the grand architectural styles that can be observed at most of the mansions in Chettinad. The intricate and stunning carvings on the large pillars will surely impress people who admire such excellent works and casual tourists alike. Impeccably detailed doors are another aspect that will surely impress the visitors. The house is also greatly decorated with a myriad of furniture and other décor items. The house has 20 doors and 1000 windows which make the massive structure bathe in sunlight.

Like many other houses that can be seen in and around Karaikudi and Chettinad, the most striking aspect of the mansion is the collection of home décor items from around the world. Teak items from Burma, large courtyards with European tiles and Italian marbles; all converge together to create an exceptional touring experience like never before.

Though the house has lost most of its royal feel, for the most part, it has escaped the fate that engulfed many other gigantic structures in Chettinad. However, its architectural grandeur and style have remained more or less the same. And this is one of the most intriguing aspects of this decades-old mansion.

Spanning over 20, 000 square feet, this gigantic structure would put modern houses and hotels to shame. Lusciously spacious and incredibly attractive, Aayiram Jannal Veedu and its unstinting splendour will stay fresh in the minds of the visitors for years, undoubtedly.