chidambara vilas luxury heritage resort


Chidambara Vilas recreates an authentic experience of the luxurious Chettinad lifestyles of the last century, through a heritage Chettiar palace that preserves 108 years of history.

From sights and sounds, culture and tradition to architecture, furniture and the world famous Chettinad cuisine, get transported to a world from a century away.


chidambara vilas

A Luxury Heritage Resort, Chettinad

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Chidambara Vilas Won NDTV Design and Architecture Award, 2014

We are happy to announce that Chidambara Vilas has won the Heritage Architecture Design of the Year award from NDTV this year. Design and architecture are inseparable components of modern households, hotels and spas. In an effort to recognize the best efforts invested in the architecture industry under different segments,

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Best Heritage Hotels in Chettinad

Chidambara Vilas is one among the best heritage hotel in Chettinad in the historical city of Pudukkottai. The 110 year old Chettinad heritage home was built by the famous Krishnappa Chettiar Dynasty and is today restored and managed by the Sangam Group. The heritage Chettinad Mansion showcases the luxurious Chettinad lifestyle of the 20th century and features every modern luxury amenity imaginable.The Chidambara Vilas is one of the pioneering examples of the concept of best heritage Chettinad luxury hotel in Karaikudi.

The most endearing symbol of the Chettiar era has been the Chettinad homes. This Chettinad heritage resort uses vintage format accessories, like the famous ‘Athangudi’ tiles, wooden paneling and Burmese beamed roofing, Belgium mirrors, chandeliers from Daman and Diu, clocks from France, tiles from Italy and so on.The culture, heritage and opulence of the owners is reflected in the beautiful Chettinad heritage hotel and this takes you to the bygone era. The Chidambara Vilas was the winner of the NDTV Design and Architecture Award, 2014.

Chidambara Vilas specializes in Chettinad cuisine cooked with unique local flavors and ingredients. The property offers 25 guest rooms, experiential dining restaurant, interactive demo kitchen, fine dining restaurant, informal bar area, and a swimming pool. You can choose from the Heritage Double Room or the Heritage Twin Room. All the luxury rooms of this Chettinad heritage hotel matches every modern need blended with vintage room aesthetics.

One among the top rated heritage hotel in Pudukkottai, the Chidambara Vilas is strategically located at Ramachandrapuram, Kadiapatti, about 04 km off the historic fort of Thirumayam – an Archaeological Survey of India monument in Pudukkottai Dist. It is located at the mid point in the famous Tanjore- Madurai-Trichy Circuit.